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Welcome to the website of MEGATHERM, your service provider for all induction heating applications

Whether you are a company, a college or a special-applications lab., we are the right address in all matters relating to induction heating.
We really “warm up” to your problem!

MEGATHERM have the appropriate heating installations and the corresponding heating technology for your needs. Our induction systems are equipped with individually coordinated control systems and offer all-round system solutions for case hardening, forging, annealing and melting applications.

Our performance package includes

  • Construction and distribution of electric heating plant and accessories – together with our customers we develop, produce and supply tailor-made solutions
  • Reproduction and revamping of all types and makes – to optimise your induction and conduction heating facilities
  • Adaptation of switchgear and electric controls
  • Repairs on billet heating coils of all makes and types – by implementing innovative materials we ensure much higher availability rates for our customers
  • Planning and manufacture of external field conductors specifically for heating tubes and pipes
  • Steel strip heating facilities
  • Transformers / induction regulators
  • Induction wire heating equipment
  • Replacement parts and attachments – converters and inverters, temperature sensors, measuring facilities, heat exchangers, MT E hose, Hero-Therm

Our own in-house test bay is on hand for conducting and analysing product-related preliminary trials for induction heating tasks.
Due to the rapid progress of technical development and the constantly rising price of raw materials, it is essential to implement innovative, flexible and sustainable production technologies. Induction heating can be effectively used in such cases to research new materials and composites. Because this heating technique is clean and emission-free, it contributes towards conserving the environment.

The quality management system at Megatherm Elektromaschinenbau is certified in compliance with the international standard DIN EN ISO 9001:2008

What is induction heating?

Induction heating itself is based on the following physical principle: if the metal body to be heated is exposed to the effects of an electromagnetic alternating field …more